GDOT360 - 推出性小眾網上遊戲中心

女同學社上載由成員Vice Lam設計的性小眾遊戲網站GDot360。網頁提供三款網上遊戲,目的是以有趣互動的方式,教育公眾性小眾議題:例如性別身份流動、強逼改變性向治療的傷害等。

















《家庭暴力條例——事實與謊言》: http://sites.google.com/site/dov4hk/






女同學社在香港及澳門的性文化節分別擺了攤位,並於澳門威尼斯人酒店展示了部份In/Out香港同志藝術。女同學社的主要委員小曹在澳門性文化節的論壇上作題為"Pls Cum to/with Me: the Erotic Consumption of Gay Porn"的演講。

Photos: http://leslovestudy.com/photo/081130/index.htm

  Star 英譯中緊呢頁:

In the name of children protection: the latest development in the politics of gender/sexuality in Hong Kong & Taiwan”

NTXS co-organised a Hong Kong-Taiwan sex rights exchange forum on the topic “In the name of children protection: the latest development in the politics of gender/sexuality in Hong Kong & Taiwan”. Taiwanese speakers were Professor Josephine Ho, Professor Karl Ying-Pun Ling and Professor Nai-Fei Ding of the Centre for the Study of Sexualities, National Central University, Taiwan, and Wang Ping of Gender/Sexuality Rights Association, Taiwan. Hong Kong speakers were Perspex (Perspex) of NTXS, Lam Oi Wan of Hong Kong In-Media and SExpress, and Leo Yiu of Midnight Blue. Over 40 participants attended the 4-hour forum.

Link: http://leslovestudy.com/sex_forum_poster2.jpg


Anti-Censorship-Legislative Council meeting

Vice Lam and Wai Sum attended the Legislative Council meeting on the consultation paper on Nov 20, and announced the survey results. The results became the focus of media reports on the following day. Apple Daily, the best-selling local newspaper, made a comical graphic to ridicule the Society for Truth and Light for being filtered as a pornography website. The incident won much acclaims for NTXS on local popular online discussion forums, which could help cultivate support for our future actions on this issue.

Position paper on anti-censorship

Vice Lam's speech on internet filtering at Legislative Council hearing


Anti-Censorship-filtering systems testing

In mid-Nov, NTXS tested the filtering systems installed at various public web-surfing facilities, and found that key sex education websites like the Family Planning Association of HK and the Department of Health - Men's Health Programme, and over 20 LGBT websites (including LGBT organisations, discussion forums, web television or radios) were blocked by the filtering systems. Even LGBT studies websites of major universities in the United States, including Yale University and Chicago University, were also blocked. Ironically, the Society for Truth and Light, a fundamentalist Christian organisation that supports the government’s suggestion, was also blocked by filtering software, which described its website as containing "nudity, violence, strong language, harmful activities". The results exposed the arbitrariness of the filtering system and how it might restrict internet users’ rights to information.


Anti-Censorship-television forum

Yau Ching attended a television forum along with Gregory So, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development and other guests on Nov 13 at the TVB Life Channel.


Anti-Censorship-“How the public could participate on the anti-censorship campaign for internet”

Joseph Cho attended a forum on Nov 7 on the topic “How the public could participate on the anti-censorship campaign for internet” organised by the Hong Kong Council for Social Services and InMediaHK.


Anti-Censorship Campaign

In the consultation paper for the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance (COIAO), the Hong Kong government advocated to impose stringent measures on new media including the suggestion to make it mandatory for ISPs to provide filtering systems for internet users. Several NTXS members were interviewed by various media and attended various forums to oppose the new suggestions by the government as LGBT websites could be first websites to be censored.


adjudicators for the preliminary rounds of Inter-University Debates

Joseph Cho was invited to be one of the adjudicators for the preliminary rounds of Inter-University Debates on Sex Culture organised by the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong.


speaker for Roundtable Forum on Sex Offender Registry

Joseph Cho attended as a speaker for Roundtable Forum on Sex Offender Registry on Nov 27 at Hong Kong Shue Yan University. NTXS also submitted a position paper and joined a petition against the establishment of a Sex Offender


“Lala camp" training workshop

In October, Perspex (Perspex) and Yau Ching attended Lala Camp 2008 training workshops as speakers in two Mainland cities Kunming and Beijing respectively. Perspex (Perspex) participated in a two-day workshop. She hosted a session on cultural transformation and public education strategies via creative works and video productions with guest speakers from Taiwan, Shanghai and Chengdu. She also spoke on the background of Hong Kong LGBTQ movement as well as LGBTQ’s gender and sexual identities in other sessions. Yau Ching gave a presentation on media and public education strategies, criticising the twisted images of LGBTQ in mainstream media and suggesting strategies for sexual minorities to actively intervene mainstream media and build its own media for public education of sexuality issues. Examples were drawn from the daily operation of GDotTV.


In/Out Hong Kong Tongzhi Art exhibition Tour in China

In October, In/Out Hong Kong Tongzhi Art exhibit was shown in three locations in Kunming with guided tours by Perspex (Perspex). The art exhibit was then shown at a lesbian bar “月戀花” in Chengdu. Perspex (Perspex) also attended two public sharing sessions in Kunming at a local NGO and at Yunnam University.


Sharing Session at Baptist University

Joseph Cho had two sharing sessions for a general education course at the Baptist University on Oct 8 & 10 after screening of LGBT movies.


Guest Speaker at Chinese University of Hong Kong

Joseph Cho spoke on “Why we should need pornography?” at a seminar organised by the Student Press of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Protest against the Society for Truth and Light

NTXS joined an action with six other LGBTQ groups to protest against the Society for Truth and Light, an anti-gay Christain Rights group in Hong Kong, for publishing newspaper advertisement against the inclusion of same-sex cohabiting partners in the Domestic Violence Amendment Ordinance. Joseph Cho posed as a priest outside the Society’s office and denounced its act as contradictory to the spirit of the Ten Commandments. The protest action was featured in Episode 4 of HK Salvation on GDotTV.

Photos: http://leslovestudy.com/photo/080807/index.htm

GDotTV episode: http://gdottv.com/p_hksalvation.shtml#4


Project G - Video Training

In July to August, A volunteer recruitment day for GDotTV was held in July 2008 and 24 new volunteers were recruited from LGBTQ communities.? 16 volunteers underwent video production training.? All volunteers were introduced to the group’s missions and advocacy issues concerning LGBTQ rights.? The video production training consisted of several lectures on basic video editing techniques and aesthetics conducted by Yau Ching and Vice Lam.? The volunteers were then divided into six groups led by NTXS core members with video production backgrounds.? Each group completed a video episode by the end of August.? A post-course screening session was held on Aug 30 where the six videos were shown to all volunteers.? Five guests, among them included LGBT video artists and independent filmmakers as well as one of the organizing committee members for the Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.? They were invited to give feedback and encouragement to each team.? Biographies of workshop facilitators and team leaders, as well as other details of volunteer recruitment day and video production training could be found here: http://gdottv.com/w_08training.shtml



Two female students from Lingnan University worked with us in designing and producing for GDotTV,documentation, and in assisting in our research projects.


Judicial review case against Broadcasting Authority

Joseph Cho won the judicial review case against the Broadcasting Authority. The Court affirmed the portrayal of homosexuals in the RTHK documentary “Tongzhi Lovers” was a fair and unbiased representation. The Court also reiterated that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is unconstitutional.


“Raising the Rainbow Flag” ceremony at Guangzhou”

Invited to participate in “Raising the Rainbow Flag” ceremony at Guangzhou, China, organised by the first LBGT student body in China “Happy Together”, to advocate for more LBGT-friendly educational environments.

GDotTV covers the event: http://gdottv.com/p_hksalvation.shtml#2


“Anti-Homophobia Advocacy Through Creativity”

NTXS were Invited as workshop leader for “Anti-Homophobia Advocacy Through Creativity” by the Sex/Gender Education Forum of the Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China in 2008. The workshop covers issues concerning gender and sexual equality and diversity through a self-examination of stereotypes, preconceptions, ideologies, and self- exploration and transformation.


GDotTV- launch press conference, party and forum

2:00 pm「同志創作多面睇──從同志創作展到同志網上電視台」
主持: 曹文傑──女同學社創辦成員,香港中文大學博士生


3:30 pm 性/別講座:「當性/別教育遇上新媒體」
講者: 李偉儀──香港性學會主席
回應: 柏琛及阿茄──GdotTV台長

Link: www.gdottv.com


Protest against Boardcasting Authority's ruling on "Tongzhi Lovers"

Built a blog for the appeal of Boardcasting Authority's ruling on "Tongzhi Lovers" .

NTXS advocacy towards a judicial review of an earlier Broadcasting Authority ruling of “Tongzhi Lovers” as “partial and biased towards homosexuality”, “unsuitable for broadcast within the family viewing hours” and of “promoting acceptance of homosexual marriage”. In May 2008, a High Court judge ruled that the Broadcasting Authority restricted freedom of speech by making a discriminatory ruling against an RTHK television programme on homosexuals. NTXS actively advocates for this judicial review by organizing a petition and by supporting one of our core members, Cho Man Kit, to seek for a review of the Broadcasting Authority’s discriminatory ruling.

In May 2008, the High Court ruled in favor of the appeal.

Link: http://gaylovers.rthk.googlepages.com/home


In / Out: Hong Kong Tongzhi Art Exhibition

Exhibit held at the Shatin City Hall located in the New Territories, a suburb of H.K.. A new series of talks accompanied the exhibit focusing on parents, religion and sexuality, queer youth development, counseling and transgender issues. These forums provide precious opportunities for LBGTIQ peoples to dialogue with LBGTIQ-friendly psychiatrists, religious scholars and LBGTIQ parents. Nearly 500 people attended. Some of our audience members stated that these opportunities have not only increased their understanding of and sensitivity to LBGTIQ issues but have become life-transforming experiences for them and they have volunteered to be our long-term supporters.

It is roughly estimated that more than 10,000 people in total visited the exhibition tour

Link: http://leslovestudy.com/creative/